BMW Key Replacement

    I have lost one of the keys (key and transponder) for my 4 series BMW. What is the cheapest way of getting it replaced? It's a lease car so I assume it's cheaper to do it myself rather than taking a hit from the leasing company?


    go to your local bmw dealership and ask, should be between £170 to £225.

    Try these guys they used to be recommend on the bmw forums,other than them, its the dealer.

    Aren't the keys covered by one of your key insurances. I think I've got 4 covers on my keys now from various insurances.

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    Thanks. I will check.


    go to your local bmw dealership and ask, should be between £170 to £225.

    I don't think that will be the cheapest probably most expensive. cheapest will be if u have key insurance. where have u lost it inside or out u probably need the whole thing reprogramming if u lost it outside if some thief's find it they may nick your car. You can check ebay or some car breakers for a key and get it programmed for a decent programmer if u can find one.

    If your not sure where it is, I would recommend getting the cats transponder changed and two new keys. Otherwise it's at risk of theft.

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    Car is still here 6 months later. I thought I dropped it near the car as the keys have a habit of coming lose from transponders. Only worrying now as the car needs to go back to the leasing company.

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    Local dealer quoted just another £300 for the key, leasing company will charge me £180.
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