Bmw, Mercedes or Range Rover

Found 19th Aug 2017
Budget between £14000-£20000.
I prefer Big Cars with lots of horsepower.

Basically I would need help to decide which one to buy Bmw 525/530 (read a few bad reviews would prefer 530 as more hosepower, but more cost fuel insurance), Mercedes Cls (4 seats, low at back, high insurance puts me off, but lovely car), Mercedes New C class (absolutely love the interior only problem doesn't look that wide, even though never sat in one :)) Mercedes E class (dont like the interior same year 2014 n C class got the new interior while eclass starts at 2016 or 2017 not sure, also heard a few bad stuff from garages). Last one is the New type Range Rover evoque ( love the front bit back of it is like it was crushed, not sure in legroom and height at the back).
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Infiniti QX80 a solid buy for you
kester7641 m ago

[Image] Infiniti QX80 a solid buy for you

That's what the mini countryman should have looked like.

Although the Infiniti FX/QX70 definitely qualifies and is worth a look. The interior's a bit dark and the boot isn't particularly big, but certainly a large powerful car.

@levyveress: It's unusual for any medium or large car to differ much in width these days, they're all within +-5% of each other externally. Obviously some use it better than others.

Which 5 series are you considering? The Gran Turismo is a completely different car to the Estate/Saloon.

The CLS is a nice car, they do an estate version that's equally pretty if the saloon/coupe is too low.

Jaguar XF or XJ maybe?

The Mondeo is pretty swish these days, and comes with a 237bhp option.

Or if you're not bothered about swishness then Subaru make some nice, fast & reliable cars. A WRX STI is the same size as a C-class and 300 horsepower, or you could dial it back a bit for a Forester XT with 'only' 240 horsepower.
If you do big miles, 530d or the e-class. Very comfortable distance cars.
I think infinity is not for me, cls agree estate has 5seats although really long car and insurance is really high, wouldn't tpuch any mondeos again either. Don't really like gt bmws, jaguars inside puts me off, the rest impreza etc high insurance and fuel. And the moment im at eclass or 530d or range rover
Mercs are the most reliable.
Heard different from a mechanic who was fixing them for a taxi company with only Mercedes. Although it was the older type ones but he said e class is a mess, not sure about new type though
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