BMW Z4 SDrive23i Speaker Upgrade/Replacement Options

Found 5th Jun 2015
Hello All,

One of my speakers has popped after an accident (not my fault!) and id like to replace it.

However, speaking to my local BMW, they don’t stock replacement speakers let alone upgrades for my model.

Back in TT days, I upgraded the sound system to the Bose Opera –something or other. It was amazing!

I'm looking to do the same with this one. I'm not technical in the slightest, so don’t know what you’d refer to the speakers behind the seats as (the two big main ones).

But id like them to be something meaty/tasty that can carry the base.

Not sure if ill need/want to upgrade the door card speakers – but can anyone give any recommendation for;

a) The speaker that I should install (style, size, brand, spec, price)
b) What I should be looking to pay a local specialist to install the two behind-the-seat speakers
c) If theres a genuine/recommended BMW upgrade/brand style speaker.
d) [Optional] a recommended fitter/installer/supplier in the Northamptonshire area.

Many thanks in advance everyone!
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Why not contact BMW uk and get their technical team to suggest replacements or search breakeryard
I'm sure they're made by a common manufacturer- blaupunkt or alpine even sony or pioneer
How old is your car?
Ive tried my local BMW and they only do full installs (which amazed me!?) so wouldnt replace a single speaker.

Most places ive rung will also only do pairs as a minimum - but BMW want to replace the whole 12/14 speaker system.

Its a 2010, I think there was three build options, Standard, Professional and Hardem Kardon.

Happy to go aftermarket, from what im told, the speaker that needs replacing is a 4"/10cm speaker (which seems quite common) but on a 3 point harness (instead of the common 4 point). So may need a convertor to fit.

But if I simply eBay'ed "10cm Bose" or "10cm HK" speakers - would it be a case of fitting them? Or is there something technical about speakers!?

I hoenstly dont know. Im out of my technical depth!
Would I be able to fit any 10cm/3-point speaker? For example a Bose/Porsche one?…711
technically they have the same impedance and you need to check the power rating but even if only 3 screws fit its better than what you have
maybe these?…942
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