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    Wonder if anyone can advise on the best BMX out of to buying from Halfords as I have £300 in gift cards that I acquired from the Tesco DTD offer.


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    VooDoo Nzumbi BMX Bike 2011…765

    GT Tour BMX 09…_-1

    Apart from the GT being a bit heavier what makes the VOODOO a better bike as I know nothing about BMX apart from cro mo frame and forks are a must....son is only 9, but I'd like to future proof a bit for when he wants to rag it a bit.
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    links not working, did you get them whilst signed in to their site, if they do a diamond back go for that, very good bikes and been around for over 30 yrs, then use the extra vouchers for upgrade parts or spare tyres and wheels, cos believe me your gonna need them

    Wicked teen what are you talking about?

    Diamondback are not what they used to be.

    I am no longer into bikes but I do know that much. How you can tell him to get a Diamondback over a GT or Voodoo is beyond me.

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    the links sem to be working for me....He's only 9 wicked sop I'm not spending more than the £300 in case it's just an "I want" that he grows out of and decides he prefers mountain bikes in a couple of years.

    if the links don't work for you for some reason.....would you C&P the bike names into google and have a look at the spec....I personally like the colour scheme of the voodoo and recon he will think it's pretty cool..

    The GT's are pretty darn solid BMX's, would not recommend any diamondback as they are a bit naff these days, not seen the vooDoo bmx'x yet, and tbh, until the brand showed up at work i had never heard of them. They are replacing the GT's as Halfords will no longer be selling GT once stock has cleared.
    you say he is 9, im sure the GT is pretty hefty and has some weight. Might want to see them in store, check its not going to be too heavy. If its ok, i would go for that over the VooDoo.

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    Hi shan.... From what I can gather, the GT isn't full cromo like the voodoo.

    I went into store yesterday to have a look and they only had the Legba, which is the model below the Nzumbi I'm interesting in as it look pretty cool and I think my lad will like the colour scheme. I can't see what the spec differance is between the Nzumbi and the more exxpensive model the Ogun.

    Legba £229 13.1kg…765

    Nzumbi £259 13.8kg…765

    Ogun £299 13.8kg…765

    Hard to see and big difference. Different tyres, but it seems the Hookworms on the Nzumbi are more expensive. And the Ogun has a smaller front ring, 25t against 28t. Looking at them, i cant see why you would buy any other than the cheapest. Still prefer the GT myself tho lol

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    The cheapest one doesn't come with pegs and has plastic pedals not alloy and doesn't have the trendy slim seat.

    Nzumbi it is then

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    I think so..on looks alone I know he'll love the colours....thanks for your input.
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