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    I want to get my son decent bmx bike for xmas, he is 8 years old but pretty tall at 4. 8".I would like to get one for £200 or less if possible.His friend has a bike with mag wheels are these just show or are they wortht the extra.I have had a look at ebay and there seems some good deals to be had on second hand bikes in good nick.The thing is they look nice but i dont want to buy something thats going to fall apart after a couple of weeks.Would prefer a new bike but thought i may get more for my money on a second hand one, so anybody in the know with a bit of advice,thanks

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    Buying second hand bikes off eBay is a great idea. I've done it twice with superb results, but you need to be careful. I suggest you only go for something which is described as in good or excellent condition, with lots of pictures, or something near you so you can go and look at it before the auction ends. ASk the seller lots of questions:
    'Anything wrong with it?
    Any dents or dings or major scratches?
    How long have they owned it?
    Are they the first owner?
    Does it squeek when riding?
    Be as indepth as you can with your questioning and if you are at all unsure, leave it and move on to the next one. There are plenty on there, so don't rush into what on the face of it may appear to be a bargain. Take your time, and always check the sellers detailed feedback.
    Finally, picking up in person is best, as if the bike is not as desribed you can point this out on the spot and refuse to buy it based on a misleading listing, but that is rare. If it's been delivered you will have to bear the cost of postage to you and back to them, which will amount to well over £40, if you want to return it.
    Good luck!
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