BMX help please? (Teenager size)

Found 31st Oct 2009
My 12 year old is having a hissy fit because I refuse to get him a second hand bmx for £100 pounds for xmas.

His mates are all getting pricey bikes but I would rather spend it and get a new one, with a guarantee!

Does anyone know a good site for bikes? I refuse to spend more than a hundred because he A.) breaks them B.) It might get stolen & C.) He is being so ungrateful about it! Thanks
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littlewoods direct have some for £150 but you could use a discount code and get a little bit off, or try toys r us, i got my nephew a bike from there 2years ago and its still working fine had no problems with it.
Thanks didn't think of toys r us.... maybe I should get him a gag and cage instead
The problem is a £100 will break easily and warranty wont cover it , We did the same with our son and then bought him a Haro for £150 and he has never broken anything on it since,Try and find a last years model as there are still a few about and have a decent discount at the moment,
if he is serious about bmx-ie-goes to the local park and does the ramps etc,and thats what his friends are into then Im afraid 100 quid wont come close.

you gotta ask whether he is likely to get heavily into this or just drop it on a whim as many kids too.

sure,you can get cheap "bmx" bikes but they are no good for stunts etc-my sons cost me 400 quid and that isnt even reckoned to be a "high end" one by the other kids and the instructors at the skate park!
What about Halfords they have 50% off but are over £100 it might be worth paying the extra…=-1
all bmx's are standard size - i.e. 20" wheels.

agree with tonyg - a haro would be a good choice - check a few websites, you're bound to get a reasonable deal on last years colour/model. far wiser than 2nd hand for a relatively small amount more.

as for teenage hissy-fit, make him work for it or get him nowt!!
A £100 new bmx will never last as long as a good second hand bmx of the same price. granted the new bike will have warranty, but warranty doesnt cover something breaking because your son dropped or crashed the bike. Id find out what the used bike was and research it, and Halfords sell a care plan for bikes that cover all labour for a year and include a free service at the end of the year.

try this for £160

cant go wrong with a Haro :thumbsup:

try this for £160

Thats what we bought and is about the cheapest you will find a real BMX for,

Thanks didn't think of toys r us.... maybe I should get him a gag and … Thanks didn't think of toys r us.... maybe I should get him a gag and cage instead

gimps r us have an offer on for cages at the min, buy one cage get two gags free.


My son are also into trials bikes and personnally i would not buy a £100 bike from Halfords they look the part but are really not strong enough for the job.
i looked for months and eventually found a monty lite second hand , this cost £200 used, but was a bargain and is still going strong, cheaper "new" bikes bought by their mates have literally fallen apart.

i would suggest you went to a proper cycle dealer and asked for some advice, they will often have used bikes for sale or know where to look.

good luck
Thanks for all advice really appreciate it. I like the haro!

And the cage
£150 bikes will snap from a few jumps, but then do what I did take it back to the shop and say this isn't good enough then Diamond Back send you their top of the range frame :thumbsup: = profit obviously I don't BMX any more, I'm an adult I wouldn't let it go for £100 though, too many memories and spent **** loads on it, the wheels alone are £70 each. It has an oversized chain and sprocket due to the last one snapping and smashing my knee open, see enclosed pictures.


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