BNIB Dell Inspirion 530 Quad core,4GB,500GB HD,

Hi There

I am new to this forum. I just need asking "How much should I buy this system for?" My work colleague has got this system brand new in the box with same specs as mentioned below.

Inspirion 530

Quad core (Q6600)

4GB Ram (4 x 1024)

500 GB HD

Windows XP professional

16 x DVD rewriter , card reader etc etc

No Monitor though

It matter of conincidence that I mentioned in the office and this Old lady said that she bought a system and her daughter didn't liked it and its in the box,not opened at all. with Sealed Box and Sealed operating system etc.

I understand that Daughter was paid for the coloured laptop later.

What the minimum and maximum I should offer her for this system??

I would appreciate honest/impartial valuation on this item ??



Moved to misc forum, the for sale forum is only for buying and selling. Thanks.

Dependant on what graphics card is used. I would offer £400 personally. You could price up the components individually and that would give you a starting point.

Yeah £400 sounds right anything more than that and i would suggest you take a look at some of the regularly posted Dell xps quadcore deals.

You can get the above as a vostro 400 (same but just black) for £363 from dell.. so about £385 tops i'd say

id offer 300 always always low ball first! what if u said £400 and she said ok! you'd think dammit shoulda said £350 or sumat to begin
sooner or later u both will reach a point where you are both happy

Original Poster

A big thanks to all of you,I will be offering the suggested price tomorrow.
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