Found 20th Oct 2009
Leaked again...

Please do not post the link to the membership list in this thread.

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I wanna see it,
Last time there was a neighbour of ours on it..
Want to see if theres anymore "headders"




This is awkward for me, because I believe everyone has a right to their views without fear of punishment or intimidation.....

but I really don't like ignorance or racism.

So whilst I'm laughing on the outside, I'm crying a little on the inside.

Original Poster

A document posted on the internet apparently listing thousands of British National Party members suggests it has at least 49 members in NI.

Names, addresses and telephone numbers are listed in the document.

Commenting on the latest apparent leak, BNP leader Nick Griffin said it was "a malicious forgery" which contained names of people with whom the BNP has had no contact.

It follows the leaking of a BNP membership list in November 2008.

That document listed 39 members in Northern Ireland including a serving soldier and a former police officer.


A former party member was fined £200 by Nottingham magistrates in September after admitting publishing it.

Many of the people from Northern Ireland who were on the 2008 list are not on the latest list.

Earlier it was thought the new list did not include the details of Kieran Dinsmore, the party's regional organiser in Northern Ireland, however he is listed under the alternative name of Kieran Devlin.

The list suggests most of the BNP members in NI are concentrated in Belfast and Counties Antrim and Down.

Mr Griffin told the BNP's website on Tuesday: "We have had a chance to examine the list in detail and can unequivocally say that it is not a genuine BNP list.

"It is a concoction of the 'old' list plus a number of inquiries received, but, most disturbingly, it contains thousands of names of people with whom the BNP has had no contact whatsoever.

"The list includes thousands of people with renewal and membership numbers next to their names which are totally false and made up."

exactly - i live in NI so would be quite interested (nosey) in finding out who's on it...
Anybody wanna PM me the link to it..? I'm sure you won't be allowed to post it?!


hope they took me off the list when i asked

just joking!

Original Poster

Please dont pm me asking for a link to the list as i dont know where it is.

not hard to find the list, I already saw it and know were to get it from, wont be saying though if its against rules.

Google wikileaks.........its on there according to the bbc news report....

'WikiLeaks is overloaded by global interest'

link or it didnt happen


Inb4 saint boasts about crank telephone calls.

Anyone uses things like this are worse than the people they complain.

It is said that some members have been confirmed.

BRB - Looking for some neigbours

link ]here :thumbsup:


link ]here :thumbsup:

pmsl :w00t:
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