Boater accidentally drains Kennet and Avon Canal

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Heard these two were to blame

oh dear
What a tool. Would imagine that canal users would be full on hard-core anoraks in this field. It's not something you would find fair weather fans doing for a jolly (unless with a regular or on a paid day trip). I shouldn't laugh but hopefully no harm done as it did make me giggle and stick my tongue in front of my bottom teeth wile making a duuur noise.
Would there be a reprimand for this? What would the consequences be for the offender?
Accident or not would they be fined or some other type of punishment?

I must admit I'm not a fan of this canal boating as it's all a bit slow, but those who do seam a happy bunch and they all help each other out. I live close to a hotel/holiday camp type place called guys court, that on the canal. You see them all talking and jumping on each other's boats comparing something or other.

Each to there own tho eh...
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Hahaha, surprised it doesn't happen more often to be honest, easy thing to do.
Heard these two were to blame

My friends family took me on a canal holiday when I was young. Was great fun pottling about at 2mph drinking beer, stopping at every pub and fishing.
Wasn't as dull as initially imagined, but yes, not for everyone.
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