Bob Dylan

    Blowing in the wind, what a song, first time ever heard Bob song on a advert.

    The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll is his finest imo.


    all these lovely people dylan fans i love it

    cannot even start to put my favourite - i would be reported for having to long a post…8uM

    Dylan is the GREATEST musician ever
    i must admit I am a bit of a bobessive...
    My favourite song changes all the time, at the mo probly sad eyed lady of the lowlands

    oh yeah forgot to mention that Ive got tickets to see him in the summer

    I like Hurricane.... a lot!!! :-D


    I like Hurricane.... a lot!!! :-D

    Same here. :thumbsup:

    I love hurricane...he's not great live these days though!

    I've allways like Dylan's music , mostly his charts hits ,but the last few years I've been saving his albums and absolutely love his European Tour & Arizona live albums , play them all the time .Long live Bob.

    Dylan, a legend to be sure, but every legend has their own hero's and influence and without ]this guy it is doubtful whether Dylan would have been such a radical and prolific songwriter.

    Dylan for me will always remain in the sixties where his songs, style and attitude helped shape a generation of singer songwriters. Long may he run on his endless tour…vHQ
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