Bob the builder trike/ bike paying with Paypal please help

    Well my sons 2nd birthday is coming up and now a single mother, and all that goes with it, im now very much feeling skint! So i sold loads of baby clothes on ebay and i have £43 to spend on a bike or a trike for him. i want to get it now so i dont spen the money else where and i least know i have that and can get other bits n bobs b4 10th aug.
    I see the trike in tesco for £30 But i cant use paypal. I see a 10in bike in amazon for £40 but dont know if this is goign to be too big for him. Is there anywhere else i can use paypal to get one or cheapest place ?
    Thanks for reading.


    cant you put the £ into your bank?


    cant you put the £ into your bank?

    i think it costs 50p to transfer funds under £50 & takes about a week. but it may be worth it if you can get your trike from Tesco's for £30 :thumbsup:

    also you say maybe 10 inch too big ,does it say on tescos how big theirs is, because if thats 8 or 9 inches maybe best spending more to get 10 in so you get more use long term…htm if this isnt too small its a steal £12.49 half price at argos

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    Diva1977 i got all excited lol but sadly non in stock anywhere near me which is a shame! as i woul get him one like this now then a 10in for his birthday. Im concerned that as he aint got any ride on bikes or trikes that a 10in might be too much but then didnt want to spend the same amount on something that only last a year iyswim.
    Might see if i can get him a second hand trike for now then the 10in bike for his birthday- have a little pedling experiance b4 hand as knowing him he just wouldnt try it if i dont start him off with something basic

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    Yes i could put into bank but take a week and like i said would probably get spent on DD coming out so wanted to spend on paypal.

    Hi, there is a bob the builder trike on amazon for £34.99, this is the same size that my 2 year old daughter got for christmas she can push along but does not have the strength to push the pedals round yet, but we are nealy there.

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    Bless her! my daughter used to peddle and the wheels used to turn and the trike not go anywhere lol

    Will have a look at the trike on amazon i only saw the bike, ta.

    awwwwwwwww sry was in stock in south wales and i bet the pushchair i want is in stock where you but not here lol…ore

    This one is in the sale at Mothercare for £24.49=Bob the Builder Sound Trike. Any good?…ore

    Sorry just put the link on again. not sure the last one worked.

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    es i see that one kaybea, i dont think his lil legs will fit. Ive gone for a kitchen now and a second hand lil trike for him now hopefully he will hve a sudden leg spurt b4 xmas thanks anyway.
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