Bobs burgers, gene's keyboard, Casio sk-1 or sk-5

Posted 3rd Jul 2021
My kids love watching bobs burgers, Gene the little lad in it uses a sampling keyboard to sample farts and other things.

Looking online, it sounds like he uses a Casio sk-1 or sk-5. They are a bit thin on the ground, I did look for something similar and the only thing I could see was Korg micro sampler which is around 400 quid.

The kids learn music at school, playing brass instruments, they've learned abit of keyboard at home.

Anyone know of other samplers that maybe worth looking at?

I've always been drawn to drum beat machines, never got one! I'm not sure whether getting a cheap midi keyboard, and let them record to an old laptop? On a daw.

Any advice much appreciated as my musical knowledge is lacking
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