Bodymax CTX5 Complete home Gym £1,599 @ Powerhouse Fitness

Posted 31st Aug 2020
Came across this complete home gym setup from bodymax. It’s literally same as Force USA G9, which is £3100 (I own one).…720
Went to the powerhouse fitness store and had a look, the bodymax system js exactly same machine as my G9, but with £1600 cheaper price tag. The sales person told me that both G9 and ctx5 are built by the same supplier which made a ton of sense.

For anyone with a dream to build a serious home gym, you won’t get better all in one machine than this.

It has pull up/chin up bars, spotter arms, j hooks for squat and barbell rest, an outstanding cable system, row panel, and probably 100 other features.

Since ctx5 is same as g9, you can watch this in depth review of the system:

it comes with huge list of accessories

EIGHT MACHINES IN ONEPower Rack Firstly, the power rack is capable of taking up to 450kg. This provides more than room for improvement if you are looking to increase your strength on big compound movements like squats, overhead press and bench press.

In addition, the J-hooks and spotting arms have rubberized inserts to protect the knurling of your barbells.

Functional Trainer – Cable CrossoverOne of the most popular features. Built with aircraft grade cable that can withstand an impressive 900kg.

Adding weight is easy with 2 x 12-inch sleeves which can hold up to twelve 2” weight plates.

Each cable pulley can be adjusted vertically to allow for a wide range of exercises to be performed.

Smith MachineWith a maximum capacity of 360kgs and a smooth frictionless, counter balanced movement the smith machine is strong but comfortable to use.

This allows the user to confidently push themselves to their limits without a spotter.

Vertical Leg has also included the leg press attachment which converts the smith machine into a vertical leg press in only a few seconds.

Low RowThe low row station allows you to easily perform rowing exercise and a number of lower body exercises.

Chin Up StationBuilt into the frame is the multi-grip chin up bar that offers a variety of different grip pull ups.

You are able to do wide grip, neutral grip, underhand, overhand and a number of others.

Dip StationThe multi-grip dip handle attachment gives you a range of different width options to choose from.

You can also adjust the height to allow you to use a weighted belt or bands for extra resistance or assistance.

Core TrainerThe landmine attachment comes included and allows the user to perform a variety of rotational torso exercises and a number of lower/ upper body exercises by using an Olympic barbell).

In the Box
  • J-Hooks
  • Spotting Arms
  • 6 x Olympic Weight Plate Holders
  • Landmine Core Trainer
  • Vertical Leg Press Press (optional
  • Knee Support for Lat Pull Down
  • Multi-Grip Dip Handles
  • Exercise Chart
  • Olympic Lock Collars
  • T-Bar/ V-Bar Row
  • 2 x D-Handles
  • Lat Pull Down Bar
  • Short Straight Row bar
  • Double Ended Functional Training Handle
  • Tricep Rope
  • 6 x Accessory Storage Hooks
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