Boffer PC deal, is this the most overpriced boffer deal ever ?

    PC Philips LS1500 (P4 3.40Ghz, 300GB, 1Gb DDR2, X700)
    win xp


    im sure theyve had worse. not a great sell off is it. shame theres not more dr who stuff. and wheres the bloody job lots they said they were to do.

    Nice. The words "Mock Auction" fit in nicely about here.

    "mock auctions" am i missing something


    I've never thought much of Boffer anyhow.
    I've had a few good deals from Grabbitnow though.


    "mock auctions" am i missing something

    IRL, it's a scam in which you host a fast-paced auction in which you bring your audience to a frenzy by rapidly offering a sucession of high-quality goods at low prices, but only "sell" the good things to your fellow fraudsters (or in Boffers case, list the good things only for a few minutes during whihc time they can't even be bought), then sell sub-standard tat at highly inflated prices. Bofffer sell a lot of half-decent stuff at reasonable prices too, but they do seem to have some dubious methods. And anyone that wasn't being rushed would've seen that £300 for this old a PC is a terrible deal.
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