OK have watched this site for 10 months now (although only just registered) and have always wondered what BOGOF was - secret code? PRIVATE JOKE? a web site? only just figured it out, :lol:

    see you guys later - away to bleach my hair blond(er)

    shame oh shame oh shame


    hehe so you're going to keep the knowledge to yourself now?

    That one threw me for a while too....

    This made me time to BOGOF hehe...

    sounds rude doesn't it !!!


    B** O** G** O** F***

    mod edit: LOL, I've deleted what it means for our further amusement. :evil:

    and my favourite word when out shopping

    Now that edit was truely :evil:

    Personally, I prefer the even ruder version:

    B** O** G** O** F****** F***

    Original Poster

    Yeh i get that one, god i'm soooo cool now,
    bogof bogoff bogof bogoff bogof bogoff bogof bogoff bogof bogoff bogof bogoff bogof bogoff bogof bogoff ......

    :evil: truely evil !!!!!!

    if anyone still doesn't get it pm me !!! PML !!! :P
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