boil in the bag meals?

Found 10th Feb 2012
hi, anyone know where you can still by boil in the bag meals, such as chicken curry etc..?

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Yeah I do, 1994
sounds like someone has a pregnancy craving possibly?
Millets and other camping stores
Iceland do, some are ok, some are a bit vile. But then I wouldn't expect them to be top quality for £1 each or so.
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a relative used to work in a restuarant and brought us bagged chile con carne, it was lussshhhh, i wish i was a fish so i could swim and breathe it
I believe morrisons do a few frozen ones!!!
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thanks all
Are there any relatively healthy options available? I would be interested in these for lunch for work - since we don't have a microwave in the kitchen (health and safety is being used as excuse but they just don't want to maintain or clean it) but do have a water boiler (not a kettle, an actual metal thing that always has boiled water - go figure).

Hell, plain chicken and rice in a bag would suit me!
tesco and morrisons x
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