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I'm in the midst of having my hall re-plastered and painted. They took the rad off the wall and now my boiler tells me it has no pressure (bar pressure gauge down at 0) When I try to refill it, water comes out of the hose the rad was attached to. Have tried to close this valve, but it has one of those funny thermostats attached to it.

I can live without central heating for the week, but want to know if this effects the hot water? Are the 2 systems completely seperate? Can I safely turn on the hot water tap / shower?

Apologies if this is a daft question

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no you cannot use the boiler without any pressure in system o0r it will ruin the pump.u should be able to close the thermo valve right down surprised the plasterers never replaced the rad.i'd ring their office see wat the score is


You have an open system now rather than a closed system.

You need to put the radiator back on, or fit a end cap to the open value temporarily to close the system otherwise you won't get pressure.

If your boiler has no pressure it can't be used to heat hot water or the radiators, assuming you have a combi boiler.
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you must have the same idiot builders as i did lol

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To be fair to the guy, as soon as I discovered it he wanted to put the rad back on, it wasn't his fault the thermostat valve was stuck!

I'd assumed that no pressure = no hot water, just wanted to check. The end cap was a good plan, I nipped down to my local plumber merchant and he sorted me out.

Thanks for the help

It is his fault, you can never remove a radiator with a trv on one end unless you put the decorating cap back on or put something between the trv head and the pin on the valve.

I find if you havent got the cap (alot throw them away), take the head off and put a 5p in or fold up a bit of paper and put the head back on and it will close completely.
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