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Found 29th Jul 2010
Just got back from holiday to find freezer defrosted and then following day boiler is dead as door knob.
Had it fitted 2 and half years ago under government scheme warm front, they micky mouse serviced it for two years then left us to it, it has been giving intermittent hot water for a few weeks and rads were on full time so turned them off from rad taps, Ran warm front and i have grant left to get repair done but i will have to wait 6 months before we get any service, this is not practical due to fact we dont have any hot water and in few months will need heating on again.

I found out it is the PCB board gone down and after reading some reviews find the ideal isar boiler range to be an absolute pile of junk and everyone says its not worth throwing money at it.
Since living in my home we have only had the last 2 yrs problem free out of 12 yrs residence and i dont believe im back here again.
Just need a good boiler with good warranty.

Now i can get a loan to have a new one fitted but im getting so many different views on replacement boiler that im a spin with the info.
Been told worcester bosch greenstar is good, then was told they have lots of problems and the parts are super expensive.
Was advised to get a potterton performa but cant find any reviews on it really and the last one before the current was a potterton and gave nowt but problems every year. so i am dubious, although looking at the potterton site the gold seris boiler looks good and is the only SEDBUK A rated one stocked by them.
Then some say Valliant but which one? they are all really expensive! are they any more reliable than worchester?

Can anyone also recommend a fitter who is reasonable in south east kent area, we all really want some hot water back.

thanks for any recommendations/advice/reviews.
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Yup your totally right the ideal boilers are totally crap Buy a worcester greenstar boiler very reliable...

And you will be covered for atleast 2 years on all parts well I think..

This was taken from their site..

2 year guarantee, 10 year guarantee on primary heat exchanger and 5 year anti-scale guarantee on domestic hot water heat exchanger (subject to terms and conditions)
My hubby is a heating engineer and he regularly fits Sime boilers as they can be bought with a 10 year warranty. All you have to do is get it serviced every 12 months and you are covered on all parts and labour for 10 years. They are usually 'A' rated too!
Potterton ring a bell for being on Watchdog and being rubbish.
Can't back this up though, it's just something that clicked with me when I read your post.

A mate of mine is a plumber/gas fitter and he always recommends Vaillant boilers.
Thanks for the replys, yes potterton dont ring any good bells for me but that saying everything can be improved but there is only one thats A rated.

Not herd of Sime will google it.

What are the advantages /disadvantages of worchester over valliant and visa versa. as i have seen a few reviews for them both.

I have been told by a fitter that the tree which is out in the street has caused damage to my boiler with sap being sucked in from it, the tree is around 25 to 30 foot from the exhaust. He says this as there is a sticky oily leak/grease mark on the plate inside bottom of boiler.
He tells me i need to have a boiler with a internal filter???
I think boilers can be like cars,people will recommend some and not others depending upon their personal experiences,so some will be good,some not so good.
BTW OP it's spelt Vaillant hehe

I had one for ten years and had a couple of breakdowns with it that's it,parts are fairly expensive from what i remember.

Good luck with it:)
Worcester - end of story.

Excellent units and long lasting. parts may be slightly more expensive but as they seldom fail it is a case of 'you get what you pay for'.

Cheaper units are that in first, because the sum of the parts used are lower quality, but the worcesters use tried and tested parts.
thanks for the responses , im going to choose from vaillant and Worcester then just have to find out prices and weigh it up that way.

Would it be cheaper to buy the boiler and then find a fitter or just get it all in?
Don't dismiss Viessmann boilers, they are very pricey but you do get what you pay for, best domestic boilers on the market. Worcester boilers are also good and would also recommend.
as a bolier engineer i'd go for a worcester bosch, great boliers, well made and very reliable
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