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Found 11th Feb 2011
Ok i am stuck in waiting for someone to come and have a look at our boiler, the problems started a few weeks ago.

I noticed a change in sound when it was on a higher pitched noise, o/h didn't notice it at all.

Carried on like this and then Wednesday i had it and i witched it off while although not loud the noise it was making was different and really high pitched, told oh but didn't think anything of it.I turned it off.

Then Thursday (yesturday) the heating didnt come (morning) oh went to turn it on manually (it was on timer) and nothing dead although water still hot. He lifted off the faceplate and the pump was really hot (too hot too touch) so he switched it off altogether.

I rang them up told them the problem (MAIN Eco Combi boiler) and they said they'd send someone out tomorrow (Friday) O/h tried the heating last night, again dead-nothing.

This morning we tried again and it fired up.... he said there must be a problem with the pump. Jamming or something.

So i have them coming today, what do i ask for, he said watch them make sure they don't bodge it his idea was that noise was from the bearings in the pump and for some reason the pump is jamming.
Ideal he said get them to change the pump.
However its working now so how am i best geting them to sort it? If they put it on it may not start being 'noisy' for a good hour or more.

Am i best asking them for a new boiler? This was fitted mid november last year 2010. I don't want it going faulty again just outside 12 months or so.

If i ask or they offer a new boiler we will struggle having 2 young children at this time of year.

Can anyone offer any advice, i'm worried they will see it 'working' and do nothing.

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I'd just tell them that it works as and when it wants to, and knowing your luck it would work whilst they're there. Tell them you want it checked out and you're not happy with the boiler. I don't know anything about boilers or I'd suggest what the problem was. Suggest your OH thinks it's the pump and you'd like them to look at it? If they go without doing any work, then complain that you're being fobbed off.
Give them 2 attempts to fix it and if it still breaks down demand a new boiler ,This should buy you a few weeks until the weather warms up a little,
We've been 7 days now without hot water/heating and have 3 children aged 8, 2 and 9 months. It's been HELL and they still haven't sorted it (rented property). I know how you feel.

We have a **** old gravity fed system with a tank in the loft and they have spent a week trying to fix it. Wish they'd just put in a new combi system and be done with it. :-(
Possibly a bit late to add this now but what about running it now to try and get the symptoms up?

he's been changed the diversity valves ??? I wasnt in only caught him as he was going, that will sort the noise but he didn't know why it wouldnt come on gowd.......
LOL at asking for a new boiler, it's under warranty they will come and repair not replace

LOL at asking for a new boiler, it's under warranty they will come and … LOL at asking for a new boiler, it's under warranty they will come and repair not replace

think soga on an item under 3 months old

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What make is the boiler, out of interest!??


think soga on an item under 3 months old

soga = repair
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