Boiler problem - any ideas please

Found 16th Nov 2017
I was just wondering if anybody would have an idea as to the solution of an overflowing condensate box would be? At least that's what I think it is (see pic). When the central heating goes on water is flowing out of where the 2 pipes enter the box. Not sure if it may be a seal that has gone at the top or something else? Any help appreciated. 2829205-wAylB.jpg
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When mine did the same I popped off the black pipe and found it blocked with gunge. Cleaned it out and for the last 2 years been fine
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I'd check your home insurance for emergency cover before touching a boiler first
Just to feed back ... it turned out that the yellow condensate box was actually full of what I can only describe as silt from the exhaust gases . It was really difficult getting the silt out once the box was removed and in the end we put a different one in. Seems to be fine now (fingers crossed)
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