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Found 16th Aug 2017
Hi really stuck here and wondering if anyone can help, Last
year when British Gas did my service they have either lost or take my cap?
Plug? That goes into the combustion test point on my vertical flue. I
have searched high and low for this cap and can't seem to find it anywhere can
I just put on it a brass female fitting?

Thanks in advance
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Call National Grid 0800111999... The cap stops products of combustion entering the room... They will disconnect the gas but it is a very serious error by British Gas that need sorting ASAP!
sounds odd that british gas would do this as they are very professional.
Yeah but I had my servie done and the innter flue is fine so there is no gas escaping it's just the cap thats missing, well the cap was on when British Gas last done the service and I'm never up the loft so has to have been them. Contacted Potterton and they don't supply the part on it's own would need to buy the flue extenstion Grrrr! thanks for replies.
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