Boiler scrappage scheme

    I am disappointed but not suprised to find I am outside the terms of the boiler scrappage scheme. £400 to help buy a new boiler if your boiler is 70% inefficient.

    Typically I have an inefficient boiler, 20 years old, 65% inefficient so it's close but not covered. Publicity says 125,000 households are eligible. Really only a small percentage of the country yet again. As a working couple without kids, pay through the nose for everything, get nothing back.

    Any other schemes or anything that can help?


    if you are on certainn benefits, you can contact warmfront, england only, think wales has the same sort of scheme, but dont know what its called. the only problem with these kinds of things, is the prices are normally inflated, so you dont really save much. you may be better off buying a boiler from B&Q and getting a gas safe,. or whatever they called now to fit it.

    Can't help your plight but I'm with you.....working families with kids get NOTHING back! It's like this computer thing for kids from low income they don't get enough benefits they now get a free PC that the rest of us have to scrimp, save and go without for! Anyway, apologies, that's a different argument for another time, just wanted to say hope you can get something sorted!

    Typically I have an inefficient boiler, 20 years old, 65% inefficient

    Hold on, new boilers use a third or less of the gas of old ones? Didn't realise it was such a big %age difference. So a £60 PCM gas bill would become £20?


    condensing boilers use 30% less gas , so your sixty would ( in theory) cost you 40. : ) just depends how you use it , if you dont let the system go below 16 degrees you avoid the large gas use which occurs when you heat from stone cold .proper insulation especially on large outside walls can save you a fortune in wasted heat. : )
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