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    hi guys

    normally i wouldn't consider these types of narrow insurance policies but we've been very unlucky with the boiler/plumbing in general around our house. Only yesterday the fan went on our boiler, thank fully we still had 2 months left on the warranty and worcester sort it out today

    i'm under the impression they charge like £140-150 per yr to extend the warranty, i only pay £250 to insure the whole house + contents so surely there must be a better deal to cover my boiler/heating system.


    it might be worth phoning up your house insurance company and see how much they will charge you to add it to your policy, if i wanted to add it to my policy it was only an extra £30, ontop of the £195 to insure my house

    British Gas is a rip off and they're useless. Go with Worcester Bosch, we're with them and they're very helpful, fix any problems in no time and they're not too expensive!

    i use British Gas for central heating, electrics & plumbing and whenever i had a problem (nothing major so far) they have all been fixed with 24 hours of phoning, and i have used them for all the above.

    i too can highly recommend british gas i pay 17pound a month and every time i have a problem (i have an old boiler) they come out sometimes that day but always within 24hrs

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    i've done a bit more research and i breifly considered homeserve as they were the cheapest (after cashback) but having looked at some of their terms (& forum feedback) its looks like a scam. If they deem the boiler as being uneconomical to repair they only offer you £200 towards a new boiler, far too much room for them to abuse this term.

    So I’m left with the british gas and Worcester options

    Boiler only
    BG - £50 excess, boiler only £7 pm
    Worcester – no excess, boiler only, annual service £12.37 pm
    BG – no excess, boiler only, annual service £13 pm

    Whole heating system
    BG – £50 excess, heating system £9 pm
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