Boilerjuice now charge a service charge for the pleasure of using their website! don't and are cheaper (at least for my location at this point in time!) I'd value anyone's thoughts on what they're like

Found 28th Jan
Boilerjuice now sneakily charge a service charge for "helps run our platform and allows us to offer services like our outstanding seven days a week customer support"
Has anyone come across this before on any other website???

Anyway for my location... were cheaper and I'd value anyone's thoughts on what they're like

.. and what people think of boilerjuice's service charge (admittedly small, £3)
It's quite buried in the quote process and you only really notice it when you come to pay. I've never seen this service charge ever applied in all the websites I've bought from in the past. Normally a service charge is applied for a service I've received from, say, a restaurant, and I can give an amount relevant to the service I've received... and it goes to the staff. I'm guessing it doesn't quite work this way with boilerjuice??
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Thanks for the info @Leonmoon , I've moved your thread from deals to Ask, hopefully you'll receive some reviews of the merchant here
Companies are no longer able to load credit card fees onto you as a separate charge. Lots are now adding service charges. This changed in the second week of Jan 12th or so from memory and made news because some of the food delivery companies have added a large service charge.
I just use boiler juice to get a price then get a local supplier to beat it.
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