boiler/plumbing/drains cover

Found 2nd May
any good deals going around for boiler/plumbing/drains cover?

I am currently with british gas (energy extra 400 nil excess) who want to put it up to £33/month from £30.90/month, that also covers electrics but i'm not bothered with that.

Best I seen was who have their full package, no excess, fixed for 3yrs@ £29/month.

thx in advance.
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Ring British Gas and try and haggle to get the costs down
Homeserve do £1/month for 12 months as an introductory offer. Cancel after 12 months, obviously.
Several firms do an intro 12 month £1pm offer.

Otherwise, stick the money in a tin
Put the money in a savings account and pay out when you need to. How much have you claimed for in the last few years?
Ignore the drains and plumbing - I used to work for a major water company the odds on you need this is daft numbers. As for the boiler? put the money into a saving account every month instead unless the boiler is over 5 years old and you have had problems. The price of a new boiler is only a few years payments and to qualify for this insurance you need regular yearly servicing which costs. Over the year you could be paying more for the boiler then you are for the heating. In 28 years I had a boiler for 25 years it was serviced perhaps 10 times it broke down twice and cost about £150 each time. So that is a saving of about £15,000, I had a new boiler fitting costing £1,300 :-)
Just put £30 in an account each month and don’t bother with the insurance. After 3 years you will have £1,080.
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