Boiling water taps - recommendations?

Posted 13th Dec 2019
Interested in people’s experiences with the different makes/models on the market.

Ideally the under £1k range rather than the super expensive ones (although I do like the look of the qlooker that does sparkling water as well...just not the price tag!).

Once I’ve narrowed down the makes to go for, then I can search for a bargain after Christmas!
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We have just had a new kitchen and got a boiling water tap. We researched several brands and our kitchen firm offered different ones including quooker etc, but said that on the whole the big brands are now overpriced. We got one same as this (not from Amazon, the kitchen firm supplied and fitted it with two year warrantly):…8-1

Only had it a few months but all good so far. Wont save money vs running a kettle when you factor in up front cost etc, but it is really convenient. Cant imagine going back to a kettle now!
Add salt half way through boiling.
Had one of these installed just over a year ago

Looks good and works well. The boiling unit goes under the kick plate so you still have some space in the cupboard. The filter is a beast and should be replaced every 6 months otherwise we tend to see a scum on the tea which I know is common for most hot taps. We also use the filtered water a lot as we're in a hard water area.
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