Bold type denotes new post in subscribed thread!?

    I seem to have noticed bold type twice on a thread title in my list of subscribed threads (small list as I can no longer subscribe). When I have looked the thread has a new post.

    Anybody else noticed this?

    Is it a fix or my imagination.....



    yep just noticed it.... still no post count though

    Original Poster


    yep just noticed it.... still no post count though

    Ok so maybe HUKD have reinvented the forum equivalent of the wheel. Now they need think about developing it into a horse and cart and then maybe we have the crude basis of an internet forum that can be built on (well as soon as we are all allowed to subscribe again).

    I think all members that stick around through this process need a commemorative badge.

    Any ideas what it would look like? - I can feel some infractions coming here..........


    grrr still having problems editing posts ...

    i miss my control panel.. will we be getting that back?

    Isn't this simply a thread you have not read today? For instance, if you post to the thread, log off, delete browser history and cookies, when you log back on the words will be bold again. You'll find that you are still the last person to post to that thread. We need a true indicator of new posts on threads.
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