Bone Conducting headset

was talking to my nan who is now quite deaf on the phone earlier and she has really started to struggle to understand what I am saying. After the call an idea occurred to me but I am unsure whether it would work or if its just wishful thinking on my part. I'm hoping someone here may be able to advise me.

would a Bone conducting Bluetooth 4 headset connected to her mobile enable her to hear things full?

Many thanks



To be honest it depends on the cause of her hearing loss. Has she had a hearing test? They do perform a bone conducting test during a proper test. If these results indicate her bone conductivity is fine she might be ok with a bluetooth headset, if not it would be a waste of money. I'm not an ENT expert, just have hearing problems myself so I understand a bit.

Maybe you know someone who has one that you could borrow to try? The proof would be in the pudding. Or buy one if they're not too expensive?

Edit: looks like you can get one for £20-odd. Worth a shot.
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I know she has a hearing aid so I'll have to ask if she's had the bone conducting test. unfortunately I don't actually know anyone who owns one. Unsure as to whether the cheaper ones you can purchase are actually any good...
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