Bonotour sarah white is it a scam??

Found 26th Mar 2014
just had an email saying i have won a competition from bonotour and the name is sarah white who sent it? is tbis a scam???
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Did you enter a competition ?

If not , its a scam....

Look something like this ? Its a scam that will give you viruses.
A quick Google search would show this as top link to save posting

It's confirmed!!

Your participation in the draw we sponsor has given you the chance to win your first prize: "An Apple product, choose betweeen an iMac, an iPad or an iPhone 5"

Please, activate your chance to win by clicking on the following link:

Activate my chance to win

The Bonotour sales and reservation department would like to congratulate and give you the warmest welcome to Bonotour.


Head of Reservations

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scam-please avoid
thanks people i enter alot of comps but looked dodgy to me thanks again
SCAM still out there just got a email from Sara White bonotour@aldaniti.net
Definately a scam company. They constantly plague my inbox with invitations to enter competitions. Apparently I've won a number of holidays, but alas, when they ring and wring me for personal information, I am always just outside of the participant guidelines (you will notice that these terms and conditions are absent from all communications with you - an obvious breach of law!). I bet they never give out prizes, its a scam to obtain your personal information. Someone should seriously do something about these crooks. My child answered the phone one day and they joyously announced that our family had won an overseas holiday. Imagine my child's disappointment when they heard that they didn't answer the questions correctly. HORRIBLE.
Yes got this scam email today and the email & senders name is still the same word for word.
I received this scam today at 3:25am and the same thing said
It wouldn't say it's a scam, Just annoying marketing. I just entered a competition to win $500 at a supermarket, and now I'm hit with all of these marketing emails. Hers came through immediately.
i also got this email.... for Bonotour
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