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Found 10th Jul 2007
Hi really looking for one lol. Wanted one ever since i saw Karate kid and that was ages ago lol. Not really sure where to get them from though. I heard Ikea do some is that true? Live in london.

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I got mine from B&Q, Mine had tons of interesting twists and shapes, I say "did" because I went away and forgot about it, Came back to a dead bonsai!
Ikea do them yes and are generally pretty much cheaper then anywhere near me.

Although my local Ikea (Bristol) dosen't have many all at one but they have a fair few. Remember them being priced around £8.00.

Bonsai tree's are real nice but require quite a bit of attention.
lidl have some for about £3
Anyone know where you can get large ones?

Anyone know where you can get large ones?

B&Q again, They had the larger ones at £50+

My small bonsai was £8 I think.

Anyone know where you can get large ones?

any park :-D
Lidl? Is that the cheap store with like a lot of their own branded stuff? Its german or something right? Hmmm might have a go at them. Might pop down to Ikea too. Really just always wanted one so may have to lol
Just been to Ikea and they had a crap selection lol. There was one for 19.99 which seemed pretty good but thats the only one they had. Others were the really big ones for about 50+. Any help guys?

Ikea i went to was the one in Purley Way.
Best advice is to stay away from the crap, indoor ones they sell in shops. Trees are meant to live outdoors and I'm pretty certain any one you get from B and Q or somewhere like that will be dead within 6 weeks if you keep it indoors.

Tbh the best bet is to find some land near you (so you can get something which you know will grow), get permission, dig up some young shoots and plant them on.

Wait some years and you'll have a tree.

Where in the country are you? I know of a few specialist proper bonsai nurseries.
[SIZE=2]The best thing to do is contact a bonsai club (they have these all over the world) & your local library should be able to give you details. They will be really helpful & I'm sure you will get a far better tree than you can from Ikea, but more importantly you will find out how to keep it pruned & alive:thumbsup: [/SIZE]

Anyone know where you can get large ones?

note 1. Bonsia trees are ment to be small lol.

note 2. If you want a large Bonsai Tree, start treating that tree in your garden as one lol!
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