Boogie Board, Bodyboard, Skim Board

Found 10th Aug 2009
Have been trying to find one of these below £20. Argos and Tesco have no stock left and they are called all of the above!!!

Anyone any idea where I might find one?

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To me they are 3 different things, I was at the coast at the weekend and there are plenty in the little shops there, so I would guess any coastal town would be a good bet. My friends lad broke his ankle a few weeks ago when he jumped on his skim board and it moved unexpectedly out of the way, ouch, so given the choice go for a body board and enjoy the waves safely. Oh and the cheaper they are the poorer the quality, go for a decent priced one and it will last for ages, ours are 15 years old and still going strong. Enjoy.
Wilkinsons have them

Hi monkey whiskers … Hi monkey whiskers .:thumbsup:]http://www.google.co.uk/product_url?q=http://www.argos.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay%3FstoreId%3D10001%26catalogId%3D1500001801%26productId%3D1500529401%26langId%3D-1%26engine%3Dfroogle%26keyword%3DOsprey%2B42in%2BBody%2BBoard&fr=AE1R7xS-ct0fv3rSEl0n-fmd2KJ2y0OWhWXYZdx1MwBP7Ozy_W1MnqFI6_79bgHZgpHzfv_kJS_fqd7q_Iy-MfsP4KY0kMj7AExnSzvDrpTaKtlluHf86R_whBSebCG5O_kA_vKpeLX3Of6SYiv-LaAVjjsBN-rtlkjp9gq84n9oUjVRUdKkNNh0Z9FAyKjyXF399CWXwyRC4rsoUEw3QksPa__ZE5UxUW_0eMNwpax-oZfm6p94MBSXyd1nCzdsRf6_byc8NDS7oSl3cV30pzA2Wi6MCJjYKfLCpKEZISMEAAAAAAAAAAA&gl=uk&hl=en&sa=titleebay 270427755668]http://www.google.co.uk/product_url?q=http://www.stcstores.co.uk/3934-yellow-dragon-design-body-board-a-5501-p.asp&fr=AJ_EE_L-Cogi-bhU0xwmdjBl1XpyMaVdT6VZIFm_LduY2zU1H9IvAJF6TXJhvR7Gd4cA3A1NqbEpIPKM22QxKHnRSck7Yngo-BUHK5tgrAz0qyyO-hySC9-IRL6Euuht65N4IOtbr-0j4KstOB0uW9G8SsfRo-rhpQAAAAAAAAAA&gl=uk&hl=en&sa=title

Thanks - the first one is Argos - I cannot find stock anywhere.


Wilkinsons have them

I will have a look - don't think I've seen them in there before - but was never looking before!;-)
asda have them
in pink or blue
Decathlon have a good selection in store and online
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