Book names ...........................

    Book names ......

    America's Longest River By: Misses Hippy

    Artificial Clothing By: Polly Ester

    Breaking the Law By: Kermit A. Krime

    Broken Beds By: Squeak E. Springs

    The Color of Eggs By: Summer Brown

    Danger! By: Luke Out

    Don't Hurt Me! By: I. Bruce Easley

    Downpour! By: Wayne Dwops

    Errors and Accidents By: Miss Takes and Miss Haps

    The Fall of a Watermelon By: S. Platt

    Falling Trees By: Tim Burr

    French Overpopulation By: Francis Crowded

    History of Texas By: Al E. Moe

    Hours in the Bathroom By: R. U. Dunnyett

    House Construction By: Bill Jerome Holme

    How to Be Organized By: Miss Place

    . Got any more ?


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    few more .........

    How to Groom Your Yard By: Ray Cleaves
    I Didn't Do It! By: Ivan Alibi
    I Don't Get It By: Anita Clew
    I Love Crowds By: Morris Merrier
    I Need Insurance By: Justin Case
    I'll Do It Soon By: Will B. Dunn
    The Lion Attacked By: Claudia Armoff
    Mineralogy for Giants By: Chris Tall
    No Appreciation For Art By: Drew Lousy
    Old Furniture By: Anne Teak
    The Past to the Distant Future By: I. C. All
    Ripping Pants By: Ben Dover
    Rusty Bed Springs By: I.P. Nightly
    Snakes of the World By: Anna Conda
    Under the Bleachers By: Seymore Butts
    Where the Stars Are By: Horace Cope

    These have got to be made up - can't all just be coincedental!!

    Original Poster

    Original Poster

    KELLY 'N' STEVE;2338779

    These have got to be made up - can't all just be coincedental!!

    Yes most are made up K&S lol

    The nail on the bannister by R Stornoway

    Tigers in the Bed - by Claude Balls
    Get Rich Quick - by Robin Banks

    The Shepherd’s Dog - by Pat McCauley

    Head first - by R Slater

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    The Shepherd’s Dog - by Pat McCauleyHead first - by R Slater

    :giggle: good one !


    Babysitting By: Justin Casey Howles


    Yes most are made up K&S lol

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