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    I am considering getting a book printed, nothing special, just something to get printed to give to my girlfriend. Does anyoen know where you can get one book printed, as everywhere i've looked has a minimum of 50 copies. I only want one!

    Thanks guys!


    I got my uni dissertation printed and bound at a local place (Leeds). The finished look was like an A4 hardback with gold text on the spine and front. They did 2 copies, but would have done 1 no probs.

    If you live near Leeds, let me know and I'll dig out the company name. Although normally searching the big yellow book for Binding would help you out.

    Hope it helps

    Might be a bit of effort but it'll probably work.
    You could convert your text into pages as a series of images and get them printed in a photo book.
    You can order just one then.
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