Booked potential misprice flight to LA on Opodo with British Airways

    Booked a flight via Opodo with British Airways to LA for the summer for £1100 for four so definitely a bargain or misprice (thanks to this site). BA at the time was showing flights at around £1k each. The only catch is we have to fly from Paris to LHR as part of the ticket. Could someone advise me on the following:

    I assume the deal is now honored as the booking shows up on the BA website and I have even booked seats for the leg between LA and LHR. The booking cannot now be cancelled?

    On the way out we have to fly from Paris to LHR to honour the booking but on the way back we are going to ask if we can check out luggage to LHR only and not take the last leg to Paris. Does anyone have any experience of not taking the last leg? I led to believe it depends on the check in staff at LA?

    If not do you think it would be wise to try and change the booking or even change the last leg to say Manchester? I believe I would have to do this via Opodo as they booked the flight originally. Would this cause me potential problems?

    Obviously we would prefer not to take the last leg back to Paris on the way home but would if it was required. Any advice or options would be appreciated.



    well if u are let out at lhr what's stopping u leaving and not carrying on with ur flight I don't think they can do much same as when some people miss a catching flight they need rebook at the own expense if it's there fault.

    maybe If u ask them you won't have to fly to Paris to come back to uk to fly from lhr. on ur flight to LA aswell.


    If when flying outbound you miss the first part (Paris-LHR) the whole … If when flying outbound you miss the first part (Paris-LHR) the whole outbound flight WILL be cancelled by BA... coming back, you might be able to get away with missing the Paris bit however, BA (in particular) is cracking down on this - it all depends how the service desk tag your bag in LA.

    ​what if they don't have any luggage other than hand luggage can they just do a

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    We'll have checked luggage. I think the wife and daughter are thinking shopping oO.

    I've read in depends on the checking staff at LA. Maybe a sob story about having to be in the UK?

    I assume the flight is now confirmed as its registered on the BA site?

    If you suddenly jump ship in the uk when they are expecting you to go on to France don't be surprised if you get 'invited' to a police station to answer a few questions...and so do all your phones, laptops etc.

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    Unless I can change the last leg "officially" we'll travel to Paris and Eurostar back.

    I probably need to speak to Opodo first and see I can alter the flight? This will at least save me the potential Eurostar cost.

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    Unless I can change the last leg "officially" we'll travel to Paris and Eurostar back.

    I probably need to speak to Opodo first and see I can alter the flight? This will at least save me the potential Eurostar cost.

    I would check your credit card very carefully, when you perform a booking search Opodo show the average price across all the tickets being purchased, not the total price; you dont see that except at the bottom of the payment page.

    As for the rest, as above, do a runner and expect there to be lots of blue flashing lights in your near future.

    Ok, I have skipped the last leg of a number of flights with checked luggage without issue - ever.

    Never, ever, ever say you are not taking the final leg, not even a sob story, it won't work and they will try and charge you, tell you flight is non refundable etc. Similarly if you booked an error flight trying to change any part of this will cause problems as it will be non refundable (I would suspect) or you'll end up paying a significant amount more

    How long do you have between the LHR and Paris leg. I've always just checked in and said something like oh can I get my bags back at * rather than at *. They did give a warning about having to be at check in to recheck our bags back in for our last leg as there wasnt much time (but that was irrelevant as we had no intention of taking the final flight anyway). I don't think they can insist on checking bags through to your final destination, or perhaps I've just been lucky and never had anyone who has insisted. Just be super nice to the check in staff etc.....

    Some reasons, I'm meeting friends at * airport and have some gifts for them, I need to put warmer clothes on for the journey back home (good if there is significant temperature difference between the final legs), just say anything but not that you aren't taking the final leg, get your luggage and leave the airport. Heathrow is so chaotic that you got lost and missed your flight back to Paris, what a shame.
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    Thanks for the advice Rachel and Gromit. The flight lands LHR at 10:10am and leaves 13:15 for Paris so 3 hours. We will have two checked bags between 4.

    So I'm clear don't even ask at LAX but ask for the bags back at LHR on arrival?

    I'll take your advice on not trying to change the ticket end destination, even if we have to get the Eurostar back, it has still saved me £1000's and the family get a holiday of a lifetime.

    When you check in at the desk at LAX for your flight, just say can I have my checked bags back in London please rather than have them checked through to Paris?

    They may give a warning about making sure you are free to recheck your bags in so you don't miss your flight etc etc as there isn't much flight time in between.

    Turn up at LA wearing shorts and just say you in want your bags back in London so you can change into warmer clothes (_;)

    For future reference, if you can always leave a long time between the last two flights, like at least 6hrs (or even better an overnight) that way it's not as suspicious when you ask for your bags back.

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    Okay thanks for the tips - fingers crossed, lets hope I can avoid a further trip to Paris.
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