booked the de vere hotel rooms - now ...............

what am i going to do with the dog!!!!!
seemed like a bargain booking 3 nights just after christmas for me and the monster - now i've thought about it i'm not so sure
a. who is going to have the puppy
b. how much extra is is all going to cost!
seemed like a brilliant idea before i thought about it


lol whereabouts u live? cant u book a kennels or rope in a friend to have him for a few days? what breed is he?

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Not sure about a friend - the one who might have her usually goes away over christmas and new year. Kennels will cost more than the room at the de vere!!!! Live near sunny stonehenge
suppose one answer is she can sleep in the car if the hotel will let us bring her down but somehow i cant see them being that keen.
still email does say i can cancel without losing money as long as its before 24 hrs of stay. may have to do that cos i recon the food and stuff will be huge money
shes only a little jack russel - could prob sneak her in in my handbag!
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