Bookers - how do independant traders afford to shop there

Posted 31st Jan 2011
A mate of mine took me to Bookers today and I was wholly shocked to see the prices that traders are expected to pay for stock. In many cases it would have been cheaper to buy their stock from a major supermarket chain and still have made a good profit.
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quite a lot of small shops DO buy stock from supermarkets-there are 3 or 4 local ones go to our local asda every morning for the bread and milk for their shops.
Bookers aren't a very cheap cash and carry as far as i remember from back in the day. Also you have to remember also that profit margins aren't massive in the grocery/convenience game, around 10-20%. Most savvy shopkeepers will shop around and bulk buy when a good offer is offered in a cash and carry. Having said that - supermarket loss leaders can be a good source of stock where the saving is big enough to justify the hassle!
I use bookers as for the goods I need its great (sandwich shop) people seem to think there are massive profits in food and a few years ago there was but no any more!
me & a workmate went to Bookers, were going to register for the office, everything was so expensive we didn't bother. Our idea was to buy eg bog rolls for the office and for us too. Nothing was cheaper than Asda. Maybe they give good credit?
Cash & Carry's such as Bookers used to be competitive years ago but with the rise of the supermarkets, they must now find it harder to compete.

The supermarkets must be buying significantly larger quantities than Bookers and are, hence, able to negotiate much more competitive prices some of which can be passed on to shoppers.
lol my brother works there
I'm still amazed by the 1100tetley teabags for £3 and 20tins of chopped tomato i got at costco for £3 with voucher offer they had, luckly i hava mate with a costco card.
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lol my brother works there

Does he look good in red.
I thought the same the last time i went to Mackro.
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