bookguild have looked at my sample of work

    Hia Guys

    Not sure where to ask this question.
    I have being writing poetry since last year. Bookguild have seen a sample of my work and liked it. There offer at moment is 30% for me 20% for them. The other 50% proberly go on the book cover i think.

    Really dont know what to do. I have nearly finished my poems and ready to post to them as they have asked for them. Also should i get copy right on them first. Or do you now of any other companys i can go to. I dont know what to do and would really appreciate your help. Thank you



    30% seems a reasonable offer for an unpublished writer to me
    You can do a cheap copyright by printing off your work; signing and dating each page; putting the lot in an envelope and posting it to yourself "recorded delivery" with the seal over the envelope seal. Never open it - until you are in court proving that you are the author - should the situation arise
    Read any T&Cs before agreeing/signing anything and get someone who knows to read the contract before you do anything/agree to anything
    And well done

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    Thank you so much. I will do that as soon as i have finished my book.


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    I apreciate your help but i do want to purchase a copy right. Not sure which one. So is this really a good offer as there will not be much return with money. If 50% going to be used to produce book. I get 30% they get 20%. Just a bit confused with this. Or do you think since its my first book and i have never done this i should just go with it.

    Thank you
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