booking a driving test with a diff instructer??/

    Hi ive got a driving test booked in june and every day i check for cancelations hoping to find a earlier date,i found a earlier date a few times and everytime i tell my instructer he says hes booked on that day,seems to be no help,my friend said his old instructer would normaly take people just to take them to their test even if they dont usualy use them for lessons,anyone else done this?


    I would advise against it if you havent got your old car. If youve learned in your instructors car then your used to driving that, but switching to a new car for your test is unwise as you wont be used to the way it drives and how sensitve the clutch/brake are.

    If you are confident enough you wont need a driving instructor to take you to the test, I took my daughter, she had a lesson the day before and she passed first time

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    realy.only probs is getting a car and insurnace lol

    All cars are different so id be weary -- im sure the instructor would book you in i mean god its your test he should care

    They are very different especially if you learn in a Diesel then you move to a Petrol a week before your test!

    I had the same problem when I was learning to drive.

    I found another instructor who was happy to help me out. I did one lesson in his car a few days before the test then a lesson immediately before the test itself, with no problems. The instructor told me he was happy becuase it was obvious that I was ready to take the test, but I don't think he would have let me do the test in his car if I was just starting out.


    realy.only probs is getting a car and insurnace lol

    sorry about that I presumed she had a car - silly me:oops:
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