Booking a flight without a passport and British airways v Virgin atlantic

Posted 19th Jan 2015
Hi guys just wanted to know if I could Book a flight to Las Vegas without a valid passport as it has gone for renewal, it should be back within the next 2 weeks and I intend to travel on the 18th of February. I know its a slight risk but I'm pretty sure the passport will arrive well before i travel. But because the price is good right now for flights i want to book. So can i just add in my passport details when it arrives and just book now?

Also the price for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic is roughly the same and roughly the same journey time, which airline is better and which one would most people book with. I'm looking at about £510 with BA and £520 with Virgin flying from Manchester. (If anyone knows how to get it cheaper that would be great)

Thank you, Jay.
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