Booking a hotel/B&B

    I just wanted to ask if it's possible to pay with cash at the most hotels/b&b ? How about the booking if you don't own a credit card?
    I don't have a "real" credit card, but I was thinking about to get this visa electron prepaid card. Might it be helpful?
    Maybe somebody has some experience with this sort of "problem"

    Thanks for your help.


    I work for a bank and many hotels will not allow you to check in without swiping a credit card, some will allow you to pay in cash but still want a guarantee of funds in case you do a moonlight flit.
    Same with car hire, i'm afraid.

    yes you can pay will cash no problem , as for booking the hotel you need a C/C number so borrow your friends and pay cash when you leave or as you said get the pepaid card :>)

    it depends what the owners say, ive paid cash before but thats generally when i have turned up. If you had a place in mind i would contact the owner and say you can pay via a bank transfer or cash on the day. i dont think that would work with the big chains if you asre booking in advance.

    In my experience, most B&B's & guest houses and some small, independant hotels don't ask for a deposit at all and are happy to take cash, but often in advance on arrival. Some places are funny about PrePay cards and it flags up as such when the details are entered in. Car Hire companies will not accept them at all.

    As it says above, hold the room via the internet and swipe the prepaid card, then pay cash when leaving.

    I do it all the time through work, just don't tell front desk when you check in that there is no money on the card, or indeed that it is a pre paid card.

    I use Mastercard, Well worth it.

    I work for a large hotel chain and you can stay and pay cash. Normally though on check in if you don't have a card to swipe they would want to take a deposit off you for your stay that covers your accommodation and extras so that you can use the facilities and they know that you have prepaid enough money to cover them. You will just need to make sure that you have quite a lot of cash with you. I think at our hotel its about £100 per night plus the cost of the accommodation - depends on how expensive the hotel is though. Anything you don't spend is returned when you check out.
    Best thing is to ring and ask them!
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