Booking domestic flights abroad from the UK?

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Found 8th May 2009
Hey People

I am looking to book a domestic flight for a friend abroad, the thing is apparently I've been told that you can sometimes book the flight cheaper from the UK? She asked me otherwise she might ask the agents there which usually overcharge! lol

Any Idea?


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Anyone? lol

So you want to book an internal flight within say Spain, but book it in the UK?

Try 'flight comparisons' in google and look at the sites that throws up and see if you can book internal flights for none UK airports.

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Exactly Greg, something along those

Have been searching but soon might just boook any fare I can get lol

You do normally get the better fare's in the originating country. However it does depend on where it's for. You can sometimes go on the airlines website direct and get just a good a deal. Best thing to do is go on the aiport website, see who do the route you want then take it from there... Good luck x

I use Ryanair a lot and find that two 'single' journeys can work out cheaper than a return! Try

Try Expedia or Opodo, I used them to book US domestic flights. I suppose it depends on which country you are wanting them within, try KLM for europe etc.

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Thanks for the replies!

Just another query, I've found a fare on Travelocity (not the UK site) in the asian currency. However, if I pay via my Visa card will any fees incur due to paying for an amount e.g. Rupees from my debit card?

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Do you roughly know how much they are mate?


Do you roughly know how much they are mate?

depends on the bank - check the samll print its in there
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