Found 28th Dec 2014
How the booking hell did they get away with that advert…KWA

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we loved the advert in our house!


I frakking loved Battlestar Galactica.

i saw that ad on telly and was appalled to be honest. the language on those guys.

Totally agree with you, OP. That's exactly what I said to my wife last night when I saw it. I'm astounded they can get away with that. It's not what they say, but what it very overtly implies.

Who booking gives a bit?

Good advert, rubbish site... you pay the same rate as you would if you call the hotel direct.

People have to be looking for offence to find it in that advert. Ooh they kept saying booking, so fecking what!

I heard no swearing

Funny as book
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