Found 3rd Aug 2011
Anyone used these websites to book a holiday? preferably recently, but any comments are welcome.

Thinking about using them, but unsure if there are any potential issues to consider.

Post your experiences, good or bad!

Cheers Peeps
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I used TravelRepublic last January for a week in Tenerife with the woman. No problems at all, 180 each for flights and a beautiful hotel for a week. Fully recommend them from my experiences
Same used TravelRepublic in June,travelled to Turkey with the lads..£135 inc flights, transfers and accomodation. Great place and great deal.
Had no probs with Used to book hotels a few times. No Quidco but often works out cheaper than sites that do offer it. Check as well
hi used both in last 12 months both good is worth a look and tcb or quidco
Used travelrepublic last year and sunmasters this... Both did exactly as promised... Think somewhere someone will have bad experiences with any booking company, and others have high than nessecary expectations for a budget holiday ... Just don't believe all the reviews .. Good or bad
Used TravelRepublic dozens of times and no problems as yet.
ive just booked my hen party with travel republic x
unsure if there are any potential issues to consider.

the main one is if they go bust as you'll only get the holiday cost back less credit card charges and it can take months. If flights have increased since you booked, then you'll be paying this increase should you wish to book the flights again. Cost us about an extra £300 last year when KISS flights went **** up. For this reason, I wouldnt ever book flights unless it was direct with the airline.
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Thanks guys, booked through, used a credit card just to get some kind of insurance.

Amazed that you can actually cancel it up until the check in day, very bizarre!

I arranged flights through easy jet directly on their website, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Read some horror stories of people turning up at a hotel following a reservation, and the price has either changed, or there were hidden extras, also had some people saying the hotel had no record of their reservation!
used both without any hassle several time. I now use travelrepublic to book ryanair flights as the card fee is considerably less.
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hi yes i used travel republic in june and now in aug never had any problems
Prefer or They are simple and straightforward. Used travel republic once and not a good experience. Flights cancelled a few days before I was due to travel so I asked Travel Republic to cancel the hotel but not eligible for a refund as the cancellation was within 14 days of travel. This is in the small print in their Conditions but contrary to what appears on the booking invoice. So asked them to then amend the booking for a small fee. They said they would arrange to do this but heard nothing. I contacted them again and passed backwards and forwards between customer services and marketing. Both are very poor. I tried to make a new booking and their web site was unavailable so the booking was cancelled and I am currently out of pocket.

Still going on holiday and stopping over in route for two nights rather than the orignal three and this was much easier to arrange without Travel Republic!
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