Bookmark / Folder on Firefox Toolbar

    Can anyone help ?

    I've just deleted a shortcut folder that contained all my bookmarks on the toolbar.. Is there anyway I can retrieve this please?

    I've tried EDIT, UNDO blah blah blah, and have also looked in the recycle bin, without luck :-(



    1) Open Firefox
    2) Press the Control+Shift+B keys to open the bookmark manager
    3) Click on the button called: "Import & Backup"
    4) Select "restore"
    5) Select the date you want to roll back to and you're done.

    Original Poster

    **** - you my friend, are a genius!!

    It has been said before(_;)

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    It has been said before(_;)

    well i'll say it again, you my friend are a genius! lol

    Let this be a warning to you....

    Almost everything you have ever done, seen or heard on a computer can be recovered....
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