Found 15th Oct 2006
Erm, dunno where to start for once LOL

Just got the boys birthday out the way on friday, but xmas is looming!

Hes just turned 2, and im looking for some nice book sets for him, at the moment he likes mr men and thomas the tank engine, so looking for that sort of thing.

Looking for some sets, not just 1 book.

Dont really know where to start as if i go book shopping for me tesco fills my needs LOL!

Doesnt have to be the brands above i mentioned, winnie the pooh etc will do, just need any help you can provide

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][COLOR=blue]This[/COLOR]might be an option, I'm not sure if it's a girly series though - I have not read it myself

Emma is spot on with The Book People. They are great for book sets.

Do you intend to read them to the child:

Or look at them himself:

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Emma, thanks but it looks a little girly, unless someone can advise me better as ive never heard of that - still thanks anyway

palspal, i intend to read, but id also like him to learn himself, so both look very good options, thanks too

Take a look at our Amazon Deals link for Childrens books, lots and lots for next to nothing, you could get near 30 books and activity stuff for £15 (free delivery)


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Ooooooh good link, just taking a look around now
Dont really like amazon, ive ordered from there once, i find even at 21 its difficult to manovere my way round ???
It just doesnt seem simple at all to me, but im still looking, books for 32p!
I bet i buy some will update in a few mins
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