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    I am looking for a book to read at night just to improve my general knowledge and teach me a few things in life, being a somewhat immature 21 male, I have never learned a lot of life's lessons, such as DIY/Computer/Car stuff is completely over my head, I am somewhat after a encylopedia to teach me basics stuff in life, preferably easy to read (I haven't really read a book since school) and somewhat pictures within the guides.. It really can be simple stuff such as...

    How to change a light-bulb, Which lightbulbs are used for what, then maybe a bit about history or facts on light bulbs..

    but clearly i don't want it just about one thing, more like a book that if i had to do something in the future, I could just open it up look at the glossary find the section and have a basic / rough understadning on how do to it..

    So more or less a Encylopedia On EVERYTHING... Does such a thing exist?


    try joining some evening classes at your local college or go to a good independent bookshop or try Dorling Kindersley "how it works" books they're well illustrated and reasonably priced

    If I were you, the first thing to do, is join a library. One book won't cover everything.

    Start with something you will find interesting, ie borrow a basic book about how a car works. Not one that goes into too much detail. Then go on to another book, on say basic home electrics, or DIY.

    Don't get bogged down in books that have too much detail, but if you find something interesting, then get a more detailed book.

    You might find reading about a certain period in history is interesting,

    If I were you I'd read some of the QI books (the Stephen Fry TV show), they're so interesting and have lots of useful and little known facts in them!

    Download the iFixit app.

    You are 21 and it's normal but understanding how much you know and don't know is a very good attitude... well done IMHO you are just beginning to learn life.. be proud

    For a young man of your age I wouldn't consider books or even encyclopedias as a good source to feed your desire to learn life - the internet and it's many gateways would be your first choice. Youtube has a diverse range of educational and practical videos it's just a case of what to search for and then Wiki for information regarding everything (almost).

    I hope you find the goals to stem your yearn to learn and don't forget - the HUKD Ask/misc forums

    As I said be proud of what you are trying to do.. respect to you

    i wouldn't try to read the encyclopedia, you'll be asleep within 5 mins!

    here's some you might find more interesting, and are well written - enough to keep you awake anyway:

    Bill Bryson 'A short history of nearly everything'…ing

    Andrew Marr's 'A history of the world'…rld


    'How to Think Like a Freak'…ics

    'A brief history of time' - Stephen Hawking…ime

    'World Almanac 2014' (an almanac is like an encyclopedia in that it's a list of facts with a description, wouldn't say it was particularly interesting, but i think it's what you may be after'…nac

    if that's not factual enough, you could try subscribing to the Encylopedia Britannica's online service, but that's more for students researching particular subjects i would say. it's written quite boringly i found

    Let me know what you end up with!

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    just Google for how to do it videos over the net. will be quicker to learn from and be more interesting.


    You don't sound immature; you want to learn that's the main thing. It's a crying shame that a lot of lads your age and older don't get taught these things by some or non existent dads anymore. I know guys in their 30s that can't even put up a shelf.

    You might find THIS site interesting.

    Or these books (Especially James Mays book)…e_0…305

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    This readers digest book is called How to do just about anything and tells you how to do just about anything - It's really handy if you need to change a tap or anything really!!
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