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Any one used and have they won there purchase back?

If so what retailers did you use?

How are you notified if you won your purchase value back?
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I can confirm I was the 1000th winner and have one over 150 pound with boom25 completely legit and such a great website check out their Facebook page
I won the money back I paid for a holiday. The money was in my PayPal before I even got to the hotel. I withdrew £93.00 in total so far and have only been using it a month (the cost of the hotel plus around £10 in bonuses). I used
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I won my takeaway back from just eat I was notified the next morning
Is it essentially a twist on Quidco/TCB etc where instead of paying you the commission from the retailer, they just keep all the commission and pay 1 in 25 their full purchase price back?

I'd be mildly sceptical that the majority of Trustpilot reviews are from people with 1 review - are you expecting me to believe that they all signed up to Trustpilot just to review this site?
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