"Boombox" needed

    OK, i wanna get my brother a little "boombox" for xmas. It has to have MP3 playing facility (so MP3 discs can work on it) and preferably a USB port too, aswell as the standard CD and Radio features (Cassette not essential). Does anyone know of anything decent/where to look?

    It hard to search for as they dont seem to have a defined name. Also, the brand isnt crucial.

    Im looking to spend up to 25 quid

    Cheers in advance :thumbsup:

    (P.S. - i work at ASDA and we have one made by "ONN" that does everything from above, however, the brand is commonly known for selling cack products. Its only $21.50 though [it should be a pound sign not a dollar sign])


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    anyone? :santa:

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    Pwetty pwetty pwease? *puppy eyes*

    Check Richers Sounds:

    I got one for my partner at asda. its £27.99 tho. but plays MP3 plus it has a USB slot.. AND a free 256mb MP3 player. Looks really cool too

    This one plays MP3s as well

    Excelent price Kommunist, nice find. Wish id have found that b4 i bought the one from asda to be honest. as my partner already has an MP3 player etc lol.

    Thanks, tazandsaz
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