Boomerang Game Rentals customers - check your 'Payback points' in your account

Posted 27th Jan 2021
Just thought I'd post this here since I imagine some HUKD members may be with Boomerang for video game rentals.

Recently I noticed that they'd set my 'Payback points' (essentially money off that you can use if you buy games, or you can save up towards a free month of rentals) to minus 2600. I thought that was strange, since it shouldn't be able to go below zero.

I contacted them about it, and they confirmed that due to a "mistake" on their part, I had (apparently) been able to spend more points than I "should have had" in the past, so they had "corrected" their mistake and made my account negative to account for this.

I pointed out that as it was their mistake, and there was zero indication when I last used points (over 2 years ago) that I had any "extra" points - plus the fact Boomerang didn't bother informing customers when they adjusted the points to "fix" their mistake, customers shouldn't be losing out and being given negative points due to the company's mistake. The minimum the points should have reduced to was zero, so that any future points earned are still able to be spent.

I asked them to reset the account to zero points. They refused to do so - first telling me how much I'd saved over the years, and then offering to refund around 600 points but not the other 2000. Their final "offer" was to change my points to zero but charge me an additional payment for the "points difference" - which I obviously refused since it was their mistake, and I had no indication it even was a mistake until I contacted them and they told me.

I mentioned a couple of times that if they couldn't resolve the issue I'd cancel my account (I first asked them to resolve the issue, then when it wasn't fixed said I was 'considering' cancelling if they didn't, to give them a chance to fix it), but they refused to fix it, evidently deciding that over £250 per year subscription income from someone who's been with them since 2014 was worth less than some points that could be more than covered by a month's subscription.

I've just sent back my current rentals before cancelling my account. It may seem silly to cancel over the points, but it's the principle more than anything. Firstly that they're making customers essentially pay back for Boomerang's own mistake, and secondly that earning those points is a benefit of the subscription, and I wouldn't be able to earn any points that are actually spendable until the account reaches zero, so I'm not receiving all of the benefits of the subscription.

I'd advise everyone who has an account with Boomerang to check their 'Payback points' and make sure you don't have fewer points than you expect, or even a negative points balance.

This is also to advise of the type of company Boomerang appear to be, where they would rather blame customers for their own mistake than fix things and retain custom. Be wary in case you experience similar issues with them.
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