boomerang games rental

    Hi guys has anyone used boomerang for rentals noticed it starts at 3.99 a month which seems like a cheap way to play games complete and hand back


    Yeah I've been using them for a few years now. Brilliant service and the Twitter guy Dom is pretty fast at sorting out any problems.

    Great service

    when i used them before going digital they were brilliant. Used to get most new games on release date if i timed the returns correctly.

    was close to subscribing to boomerang but there is less than a game release per month that i want so it work out cheaper if i just buy the game and sell it back when i finish. btw the 3.99 sub only include game older than 6 months. you probably want to get the package with 2 game at a time so you wont be without game for days each time you sent it back

    I signed back up again recently, it's great for all those games you sorta fancy but don't wanna buy.
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